Diving in Salalah.

The diving in Salalah is accessed via a boat that is kept in the fisherman’s port. The port is a short drive from any accommodation in the city. Dive sites are all located west of the port and along the bold cliff faces. Depth in Salalah averages from 7-30+m allowing all certifications an opportunity to explore the undiscovered world below. The dive sites vary in topography each with something unique to offer. Given the location the marine life here changes with the season, constantly allowing something new. Remember when diving here to keep your eyes up as there is always a chance to find yourself caught in a school of Sardines being hunted by Trevally, or even a fever of Mantas in pursuit of Plankton. Aside from the abundance of schools, here you can find many species of both macro life and large marine creatures. The Sting Rays here can get up to the enormous size of 2 m in width. There is a large variety of Morays, crocodile fish, cuttlefish, the occasional monstrous Turtle, and if you’re lucky you might just spot a frog fish crawling along the seabed.

Port Wall:
Port wall is the closest site to be accessed as it is located a short 10-15 minute ride around the shipping port. This sites depth ranges from 6-16 m. The start of the site is rocky and natural, gradually changing to sandy with a constant directional reference provided by the large dolosse. Hiding within the unique structures are a plethora of marine life. Marble rays can be spotted on the large sandy seafloor. Octopus can be found here nestled in the crevasses.

Raysut Point:
Raysut point is a lovely dive site located at the furthest tip of the first point past raysut port. Reaching a maximum depth of 22 m Diving here offers a great opportunity to see a large variety of fish. Divers have the option of swim throughs and shallow caves that create an underwater playground. Raysut point is home to many unique creatures such as the two-faced toad fish, and the infamous frog fish. Under rock and coral you have a chance to see marble rays hiding. On-top of the larger ledges you can find the strange crocodile Flathead. Meanwhile there is usually many various schools here, whether it be a school of snapper, or a passing school of sardines.

Donkeys Head East:
Donkeys Head east can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes to reach depending on the conditions. A continuous sloping ledge allows depth to range anywhere from 5-30 m. Schools of fusillers are a constant backdrop to this stunning site. Eagle Rays are a common occurrence on days with good visibility. Wrasses of all shapes and sizes can be found here, from the small moon wrasse to the very large beautiful broom tail wrasses.

Donkeys Head West:
This is the furthest site to be accessed by boat in the Salalah area. Getting its name “Donkeys Head” due to its location below a rock formation resembling the head of a donkey if you have a creative imagination. Being located at the furthest point the depth range can exceed 30 m, though the marine life is located 25 m and above making it a crowd favorite. Here you get the chance to find the rare Dragon Moray, Barracuda, enormous parrot fish, and schools of red tooth trigger fish.

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