Diving in Mirbat.

Getting there:
Mirbat is approximately a 45 minute drive from Salalah. It is reached by car on a scenic new highway paved alongside the Dhofar mountain range. Once the edge of the city is entered there is an optional stop at a local cafe/ convenience shop for any additional refreshments or the last chance at a restroom. The remaining part of the journey is safari style that only a 4×4 can achieve. It can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes over small sand dunes to arrive at the final destination.

All of the sites in Mirbat have the pleasant ease of a beach entry into the water. As the dive sites are all from the shore they have a maximum depth at any given location of 17m. An abundance of sunlight and shallow water provide the ecosystems perfect conditions for coral growth to flourish. Mirbat’s diving not only contains stunning coral gardens, but also a great range of fish too. From the tiniest Nudibranches, Flat Worms, Shrimp and other crustaceans the macro life is available for anyone with an eye for our smaller friends. If small creatures of the ocean is not your thing, then keep your eyes open in the distance as you always have a good chance of seeing multiple different Rays, Turtles, Clown fish, and Barracudas. There are also Octopus, a large range of Morays, Stone fish, and many more hiding here.

Dive Sites.

Eagle bay:
Eagle Bay is a secluded beach sheltered by outcrops of rocks jumping out from the shoreline. This location offers several different options for individual sites. There is a long winding sandy patch that divides the site into two main sections. One on the southern end using the same outcrop that creates the bay its self as a guide. The second and larger section consists of rock and coral working together to create an extravagant underwater mountain range. Eagle Bay has a standard depth of approximately 5-15 m. This stunning location is perfect for not only all levels of diving but snorkeling too. It is home to an abundance of colorful soft and hard corals. Here you have an excellent chance of spotting curious Turtles, Eagle rays, giant Honeycomb Morays, or many other creatures.

China Wreck:
China Wreck is a lovely dive site located approximately 100 m from the shore. The depth ranges from 4-12 m. The mysterious wreck is thought to be a 19th century Portuguese ship. Having been made from wood time has taken its toll on the hull. The ship is now a beautiful mix between nature and history with many structures still remaining. Although the wreck is not possible to penetrate there are still a few small rooms, anchors, boilers, and a large propeller shaft that create swim throughs and exciting places to explore. This wreck is a great place to encounter monstrous Porcupine Fish, Bat fish, and occasionally the Fantail Stingray.

Aquarium is a sheltered bay with a fairly narrow entrance that is protected by a rocky outcrop. The depth here is 5-15 m. Guided by a slanted rocky wall at one end and many coral banks on the other this dive site is ideal for finding many different types of soft corals. Spotted here are also large shoals of Squirrel fish, Fusiliers, Goat fish, and Torpedo Rays can be found hiding in the corals.


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